The 3nd Gallery
Contemporary art
  • Based in London, shipping around the world

    Based in London, shipping around the world

    The 3nd Gallery is based in South London and sells work by some of the world’s best-known artists.  From Grayson Perry ceramics to Nan Goldin’s photos, Jeremy Deller posters to David Hockney’s prints… we have something for everyone.


    The 3nd also supports emerging artists.  We think it’s one of the most satisfying ways to collect and is a much-needed lifeline in the early career of a talented artist.  We don’t take a cut of the sale, all of the money goes to the artist.


    Get in touch with us and we’d love to chat about where you’d like to begin, call us on 0208 670 7452 or email us on info@the3nd.com Viewing is by appointment only.




  • Unparalleled customer service, a team to trust

    Unparalleled customer service, a team to trust

    At The 3nd Gallery we want to bring you art you love.  We’ve handpicked pieces by some of world’s most famous artists, investment level art at great prices.  With our decades of experience and market knowledge we have sourced art that you will brighten your walls, spark conversations, and cheer your soul.


    First and foremost we want you to be happy.  We offer the best in customer service and rigor in making sure that each art piece comes with provenance.   Our arts are an investment and you deserve peace of mind.


    We built The 3nd through our love of art and collecting.  We know it’s daunting to take your first steps into the market, we all have, but it’s a rewarding journey and one we’d like to share with you.


    Have a look at the reviews of previous customers here.

  • Invest in art and artists

    Invest in art and artists

    We’re often asked what is the best art to invest in?  There’s an old adage among gallerists that goes something like ‘the best art to invest in is the one you love looking at on your wall’.  As with all clichés there’s an element of truth in the matter.  That said all our art is investment level art. 


    Buying pieces by well-known artists has long been known to be a wise investment.  Art regularly out performs stocks, shares, commodities, even property.  If this is one of the reasons you are interested in owning art get in touch and we can offer advice.


    Collecting original works by emerging artists is generally riskier but it can also be astronomically profitable. It's a fun way to collect, prices are lower and original works have the potential to rise much higher in price than editions by well known artists.  The difficulty is picking out and finding who these artists are.  We’ve done the hard work for you.   

  • Sell with us

    Sell with us

    We regularly sell for collectors.  Get in touch with us about any pieces that you want to put on the market and we’ll get back to you with the current market value.  From there we’ll have a quick chat and with your permission start promoting your piece across a number of platforms.  There are no upfront charges.


    When your piece sells we’ll check the item and send it to the buyer who will have paid for the shipping.  We make selling your art easy.